why digital marketing?

Why Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is a new method of marketing. In back years people work hard. Perform marketing for a particular good or service. They do hard work for getting required result.

Are we also required to do hard work? Do we have to face same situation?

No, we do hard work with smart way. Now definition is changed. Do hard work with smart way.

Digital marketing that’s the way in which we have to hard work by smart way. This is the new trend of marketing. People get all the knowledge about the product without too much effort.

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing, by which marketing is perform by digital method. Some tools are helpful to perform it. It can be operated from a single place, all over the world. This is done by only using a desktop/laptop, an internet connection and a sufficient knowledge of digital marketing.

As today’s era is digital era. Every person connected to each other over internet. Most of the people have social account.

Daily millions of people use internet and search content. For a single search there are many results. This all is done by digital marketing.

Let us take one current example

If we search for saree. How many results search engine shows?  Many of many results. Who upload these results? All this done by the digital marketer from a single place.

When you surf over internet, you show ads on it, in the beginning or in the middle. This all is done by digital marketer.

Digital marketing is a method to introduce new product or service in the market by digital method. We use video, email marketing, search optimization, and generate lead. All this is done for to find out the potential customers.

Digital marketing have a vast area. To organize it some tools like lead generation, content writing, SEO, SEM, email marketing etc are use. Which we discussed in previous blog.

This is the modern period and everything becomes change.

Do the digital transformation is necessary?

People change constantly. They develop day by day. If you want to run with world and survive in it. Transformation is necessary. If we don’t change with today era people leave us behind.

See everywhere transformation occurs. Small business converted into large one. Everybody depends on machines. This is the transformation. Then why not, digital transformation for ads and information.

You see all the companies become online. All products are available on online i.e. e-commerce site. Education becomes online.

Digital transformation effect companies, student, e-commerce site, small and large scale business too. They all become digital.

To run with today’s scenario transformation is necessary. For stand in competition transformation is necessary.

Pros and cons of digital marketing

If we becomes digital, how much it affect our life? Now discuss its pros and cons.

  1. Pros

  • Social engagement:

It increases the social engagement of peoples. Socialization helps people to understand each other. That helps increasing the business.

  • Knowledge of new products:

By sitting at a single place people get the knowledge about the new product and changes. Customer easily identifying which good is beneficial for him.

  • Controls:

A person easily controls all the events. Like purchasing and sales return, surfing new thing by sitting at a place.

  • New platform/career:

For the students digital marketing is a new platform to learn something. This is a growing field. There are more opportunities for job or freelancing

  • Expanding business:

Digitize marketing helps in expending small scale business specially. Through it more and more people know about the product and sale increases rapidly.

  1. Cons

  • Destroying small business:

As digital marketing helps in increasing sales. On the other hand, small business can’t stand in competition due to lack of finance.

  • Increase unemployment:

All things become digital. That increases the unemployment. Like for making ads we use graphics and animation.

All get the knowledge by digital ads; people who stick the pamphlets not get the job.

  • Deep knowledge:

For digital marketing working persons required the deep knowledge of digital marketing. A master gets the sufficient amount of salary.

  • Lack of engagement of people:

Through digital marketing, how many people get information and how they treated? Overlapping of information and email responsible for distraction.

Rather than it the cons can be recovered. Digital marketing play an important role in different aspect and area.

Why digital marketing for medium and large scale business?

comparison between digital marketing and traditional marketing on the basis of sale
comparison between digital and traditional marketing on the basis of sale

 Any business increases its revenue and profit by increasing its sales. For good sales business expense huge money. Money on ads and marketing. Digital marketing do same work without losing time and cover population vastly.

Now, these days’ 90% people use internet over mobile phones, laptop or desktop. Mostly persons are connected over social accounts.

It helps these businesses to expand their product on these social media platform. More people come in contact with these goods or service.

Medium and small industries have an advantage to increase sale. Using this more people and large scale businesses gets the information, about these small and medium scale industries.

It also helps in increasing goodwill. How?

We surf any e-commerce site we get different product from different provider. These providers are small and medium scale businessman. This is the platform where, small and medium industries are stand with large scale business.


Why digital marketing is important for students as career.

Digital marketing works from many years. It comes in existence from last few years. And has vast amount of requirement of people who perform the work. Due to large amount of requirement students should try this field. They get the right platform quickly without too much struggle.

Today’s generation is connected with digital world. They easily grab this opportunity. Basic knowledge of computer, internet and marketing so enough to understand digital market.

Digital marketing important for those students who are professional. It works like a key of success.  Gives the advantage rather than other student.

How impact  Indian economy:

Digital marketing create positive impact on Indian economy. Sale increase rapidly, as most people engage with internet. They search for trending and go with it.

Sale and purchase on e-commerce site increase the revenue and earn foreign money too. it is generating more employment opportunities.

Digital marketing actually a under budget business.  Any who is familiar with it can easily start work. Like a freelancer, advertising agency, consultancy and so on.

As comparing to other countries India is developing country. Here are more opportunities to stand India with other countries. Employment, business and other profitable income generated work helps in increasing economy.

It increases per capita income. And make India strong.

Foreign economy also affected by it. Any foreign company hire freelancer, to complete work on time. This also happen. The companies complete the target in time by hiring freelancer. Both company and the person support the economy.

DM create an impact on customers mind. Impact like all things available at one place. It also gives us platform to comparing more items at same time. The comparison may based quality and price. It saves time and stop people to distraction.

How Digital marketing becomes part of life

DM now becomes the part of our life. Daily people search and place order. Buy things online and get the benefit like time saving, get best and original. This increase e-commerce sale and become a part of daily life.

Future of these e-commerce sites and business is bright. Online work increase rapidly and increase the demand of digital marketers.

Conclusion: DM backbone for all business. To expand business, increase sale, introduce goods etc all are depend on the it. It also mapping the customers mind. This is a place here all the product available at one place. It reduces human effort, and increase accuracy. Also affects the economy and knowledge. DM is more cost effective than traditional marketing.

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