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Your Success

Hey there! You want to become success? Right? Who want not to be successful person? No one. Everyone have some ambition, some dreams and some reasons that why he is and what does he want to do? This is the target settled by a person. Achieving any target symbolize success. It gives a lot of energy and suited direction. Your success depends on many factors like the initials you take, your thought, desire and also your positive thinking.

Initial taken by you is the first steps to achieving your success. Without taking initials how it possible that you get your success. Your success depends on the initial taken by you. Right decisions, at right time, at right place fix your success.

success step by step
success step by step

Your desire reflects your success. Your desire is what you want to yourself after a time interval. What are steps you take to get your desire position? Always look forward and become futuristic. A burning desire of success, hunger of moving ahead is never set off. Looking forward never let you sleep. Set these desire in your mind and get your success.

Many resistor failed in their struggle period.  It may due to many possible reasons. One of the very common reasons that I feel and see every where is multidimensional. Most of the resistor focused on many things at a time. That split focus in different direction. Energy is divided and the achievement becomes far away. So focusing on one subject play an important role.

How you know that you are on right path?

Moving on the right path and direction, achieve the success fast. You work hard and feel happy while working on it. It means you are on right path. It increases your productivity and your skills. You pay the more and more attention.

While working to follow your dreams facing problem is most common issues. Facing problem and solving it is very big steps that you could take.

You can take these problems as a challenge, solve it and go one step ahead. Second one, you can see the problem and wait who solve it. This time is very precious, you solve it. You get the confidence and knowledge how to solve problems. In daily life I meet many people who don’t take initiate to handle any problem. They try to escape, palm off from problems. Just want to say to those people don’t do that. Covid -19 pandemic periods teach lesson and originate many entrepreneur who never think about that they can be entrepreneur in their life. This all is done because they initiate.

Problems teach us, mold us and ready us for fighting for future and well being. It depends on you, face it or leave it. If you face, you learn otherwise you burn by envious way. I write this article, I don’t know how many of you it read and like it. But I take start up, this gives result. It may be today, tomorrow or later in future. But sure give the result and it is positive.

Changes you observe, when you on the path of success.

When you are on your path of success, obviously some changes shown and noticed. These changes kick out you from your comfort zone. Some changes make you happy and some disappoint you. These changes help you in the evolution of your new version. Your old version never let you in favor of your success. So change is necessary.

Your living style

Your way of living affects your success chances. Necessity is the mother of invention. You living style become your necessity and you start thinking how to maintain it. Because, now you have reputation in the market. Your behavior for others and your living standard helps you to push you up.

Never underestimate your value. Never logrolling, wait for right time. Compromise stops you, because your needs was fulfilled, anyhow.

Way of talking

You hear from many people, mostly in India,

“jo kam bandukh ki goli nahi kar sakti , wo mithi boli kar deti hai”.

Your politeness’s melt peoples and force them to help you. Make your voice sweet and set the level of talking. Try to never let off from this level.

Well, when you get your desire level, automatically your way of talking changes simultaneously. Yours gesture and posture helps people to understand what you want to say.

Attention of your near and peer.

Your near and peer pull your leg when you are not capable. But after getting a level they start give proper attention to you. They are now comes in touch with you. This type of attention signifies that you are on right way.

All works according to you.

“God help those people who help themselves”. You take start up and face problem. After some time you feel all the works go through your works. Works happened according to you. But it take time, never leave battle field in half. Struggle till last, in right way. All is done what you want.

Confidence level

When our confidence level boost? It is happened when you face many problems. You are habitual of facing problems. A new problem becomes easy for you. Your confidence level boost, after facing previous problem. You handle it very easily and effectively.

An invisible force and positive environment creates all around you. All forces push you in upward or forward direction. Enhance your confidence level to face new problems.


Your success

your success
Your success

You got your success but how it is visible. Is there any result that shows how much you get success? Yes it is, without result how we analyze our efforts and output. You success may in different form like in the form of income, your passion, position and you value.

In the form of your income

You take start up in business or in any income giving work. Your level of income and amount f income shows your success. How much you are successful? It defines your hard work and lacks. You work again, next time your result is more effective from previous.

Your position and value

How much it is beautiful that more and more people knows you by your name and work. You become popular, your fame separate you from others.  Enhance your position, also your social value increase. It sounds, you become celebrity. Your working style and different thinking set a benchmark for others.

Happiness level
Real happiness

Life is full of struggle. No one has time for others, even tough for family members. This is for making carrier and struggle for survive. Any one adjust his time for family and friends it fills you happiness and energies you.

It is true that people works hard just for getting happiness. But in the battle they leave their happiness for getting happiness. When you have enough time for your friends and family, you achieve level of happiness. You are the luckiest one.

Two words

Without taking start up you can’t get success. You success depends on your efforts. It may take time for result but I am sure, your 100% efforts gives you result multi times of you efforts. Never leave any space in efforts. Lagan occurs of small hole. So work hard and smart.

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