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What are the Component of digital marketing?

Component of Digital Marketing

Hi there! today we are going to discuss about component of digital marketing in detail.

lets starts………

Digital marketing is simply marketing as we done before. But a little bit difference is that, digital marketing perform by taking support of other technical equipment and technology. Most importantly, knowledge and practice is important for digital marketing.

To more know about digital marketing click here. And for its importance click here.

Digital marketing is not a single term that can be learning easily and quickly. Actually it is divided in many components. And each component plays an important role. All components completely combine called as the full digital marketing knowledge. But, we can’t get deep knowledge of all components. Because it is technology and new component and ideas evaluate every time and every moment. Digital marketing is very wide itself. So we have to get knowledge of whole component and single deep knowledge of any one component. This component is depending on many factors. To know more about selecting component (niche) click here.

digital marketing parts
essential parts of digital marketing
  1. Personal branding
  2. Content writing and blogging
  3. Creating website and designing
  4. Lead generation
  5. SEM and SEO
  6. Ads: video, animation, text
  7. Automation

Personal Branding: –

You heard about many items like shoes, clothes, watches other appliances. Some of them are branded and other non-branded. Mostly people prefer and believe on branded item. They give something different value. Just like item brand personal brand is also important.

Take an example “who don’t know about Sachin Tendulkar?”Do you definitely heard about M.S Dhoni, Amitabh Bachhan or other people and some business typhoon. They did not manufacturing any item. But most people know about him. They perform different job and create a different image among us.

personal branding
personal branding

Who know about both photographs? Definitely most of the people knows right side person it’s Virat Kohli. What about left side photo?

This is personal branding.

I hope, you understand what I want to say. Its do same work but do such that it becomes unique. There are many players and stars that walk with them, how much of them get such position. We have to work and focus on personal branding.

Content writing and blogging: –

Writing is the first method and easiest method to start digital marketing. Writing blog enhance your thinking quality and quantity. It is not enough easy, so any one can start writing. For it you have to get deep knowledge of topics. You can write blog for others and start your earning. Normal charge is 5-7 Rs/- per word or more. Content marketing and blogging occupies a huge space in digital marketing world. If I am not wrong it itself occupies 25%-30%.

Website making and designing: –

Website is type of broacher that tells all features about company or firm. We get all important information on website. Searching a single term many website comes in front of us. For all type of company it is now trending to hold a website.

Website consists of two parts one is domain name and hosting. Both are important for developing site. This is little bit technical but can learn easily. Making website and holding it is very responsible work. Many hosting and domain companies are available in the market like Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger, Name.com,  A2 Hosting, Bluehost and Wpx.

All companies have different plans and price. In starting choose the lowest plan or medium as it is cheaper and for learning purpose. For cheaper plan Namecheap, Name.com, and Godaddy is superb. For medium range Hostinger, Hostgator and A2 hosting, for superb output and working Wpx and Bluehost is good one. (To know more click on the related term.)

After making website you can start writing blog on your own blog. These also increase the personal branding.

Lead generation: –

Any business, lead generation is important. Without customers, how the business runs? Lead generation work is used to getting customers for the business. There are many method used for lead generation.

Email marketing:- This is a cold method of getting lead. Digital marketer gets the detail of all potential customers by its own source and strategy. Finding potential customers start emailing to those all customers. Analyze the email response and take the action on it. After collecting response create a relation and believe. This is the starting of lead generation. For email marketing we use mailchimp, getprospecto and convertkit etc.

Showing ads to potential customers: – Showing ads to potential customers, company attracts customers. Customers click on ads and fill the detail. This creates a conversation between company and customers. These ads can be any form i.e. video, text animation.

Taking survey: –

For completing survey customers fill the form and give the essential information. This is sufficient for company to target the customers. Actually survey is the part of getting response on some product, activity and so on. Click here to see the form.

Search engine optimization and management:-Minimum 70% to 80% people search content on search engine like Google, Firefox, safari and opera and so on. Many results come out. Starting of the result, results starts with AD. After it organic results come out .By SEM and SEO we provide top rank of site and the content searching. SEM and SEO is the toughest work in the digital marketing, because just like fashion people choice and searching strategy change timely.

Making and running ads:- 

Many times you saw different ads at the time of surfing, at time of watching video and on any website. These ads promote some product or services. These ads are sometime irritating and sometime beneficial. Now time to identify how these ads appear and who do that. Uploading the ads on server is performed by the digital marketer, whereas showing ads is depend on the search engine and server. By taking algorithm server saws specific type of ads to specific person. These ads are in the form of video, animation of in the form of text.


It is a part of digital marketing. As you becomes a digital marketer and work as your wants and needs. Digital marketer work is something technical. But no need to stick with computer or internet. Setting of word automation helps you get rid of this type of tension. Only one time you set all the data at automation sequence.

It does not mean that you never need to see you work. You have to check timely.

It is very rare chances that component of digital marketing leaves any market. Most of the area is touched by digital marketing.

Market Shares of Different Component

Image and data source: smartinsights,

Digital marketing trend survey comparison  

digital marketing part comparision
digital marketing part comparision

Comparison of data, different component of digital marketing as in year 2016, 2017 and 2018


In conclusion, as per the analysis and report content writing covers a large part of digital marketing. Content marketing itself cover around 30% share in market. As market grow day by day. Many content uploaded on internet, that time digital marketing industries required content writer and other digital marketer. This is the time to cash out this chance.the demand is changes time to time. other hand, you should have the knowledge of different component of digital marketing. Your preparation give a different opportunities.

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