The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

Hey there!  Your thinking changes your life. Your thinking helps you to get success. Is it right or not? This is a very big question mark for us. Really thinking and success are interrelated. lets discuss about the power of positive thinking.

What is thinking?

It is a phenomenon that shows in commonly in people. Whenever we plan, analyze, calculate or perform some important task. Before the approaching the result we pass through the process of thinking. We perform at many place and situation. Planning for future is the most common area where mostly people think. So thinking is commonly shown. Result what we get is awesome. Revise all the data and fact, before taking the result.

A Thinking person

We all know that our thinking and our success are co related. Your thinking has the capacity to change the step. Your success depends on your each step. This is for the carrier and business purpose. Rather than it, it affects your life too. Suppose that you are interested in science and you choose commerce stream. What happen? You can’t do study by full potential. And it affects your life in future.

thinking about ds and dm
What Should I choose?

We see normally two types of people on the basis of thinking. Normal and deep thinking people. When decision is not so effective and any decision affect the result very low. There is normal thinking and casual decision is taken. Deep thinking is applied, where decision effect a large group of people. All the aspect and previous result is analyzed and researched then decision is taken.

Remind the situation where you face the deep thinking process.

the power of positive thinking
power of thinking

Type of thinking:-

In the current time period thinking is divided in two parts:-

Positive thinking and Negative thinking

Positive thinking:-

Good or positive thinking comes from positive mind person. Person who is think about the new creation, something innovative, new or something creative. Have positive mind and positive thinking. Now question is from where positive thinking comes from? Positive thinking comes from the positive energy. Positive thinking person never felt ashamed. Sight of view, area of view and analyze power is superior to other. Such person takes decision yourself. They never blame others and credit others for their works.  They create path their own in any situation and achieve new heights. Positive thinking people are always ready for new experience. They are creative by nature. T his is due to the power of positive thinking.

Negative thinking: –

Negative thinking people get energy from negative environment and people who have negative thinking. They are disappointed people, creates obstacles for the positive person people. To find the negative points and talk about the negative is sign of these people. They try to get all the credit yourself and demotivate persons. Negative people afraid from changes occur in surrounding or environment.

Example: – A father drinks a lot. He can’t control himself properly and fall sown here and there. His two children saw him and taking the decision. But the decision is different. One thinks, my father drink this, I will also drink it. Another think that my father drunk this and face this condition. I will never let want this condition. So I will never drink this.

This is because of the sight of view. Condition is same but the thinking and view sight is different. That gives the two results. First represent the negative thinking whereas the second represent the positive thinking.

Let’s take another example:-

half full or half empty ?
half full or half empty ?

Think about this glass. What you see? What you think about it?

A positive mind person says about the half full glass. And negative mind set person see half empty glass. I hope you will understand; what I want to say.

Effect of thinking

  1. At some time thinking does not produce any effect or it effect is not produce too much impact. Its lite effect does not affect the decision.
  2. Your thinking may divert you and responsible in change the decision. It also creates an affect the decision. Some time we face situation where one decision change whole thing. Changing whole thing means it has the capacity to change the life too.

    thinking ability
    thinking ability
  1. A small decision can change the angle of view of different situation and the result. What you see in above image. This is depending on your views. A face, a baby, a cat, scenery or anything else. A wrong decision creates a wrong image may spoil any one life.
  2. We are Indian. Before purchasing anything we compare with other item, their price and quality or quantity. This is all done because of thinking ability. At last we get a product that is up to mark for us.

Thinking process helps us to find new method or alternate of any situation. This is beneficial for us as SHIV KHEDA said in his book JEET AAPKI jitney wale koi alag kamnahi karte , wo har kam alag dhang se karte hain.” The word alag dhang means different method. Whenever we caught in trouble we definitely find out the second way to protect ourselves.

I remember in my childhood, when I took any mistake, my mind works faster and think about how to escape from it (situation).

How your thinking changes your life:-Success and thinking

Success and thinking are co related with each other. Your positive thinking develops a positive mind set. A positive mind set creates a lot of ideas. On the other hand if you think about your success and make plan according to it. You got success one day.

thinking decision
thinking decision

According to our thinking we take necessary steps. Some type you feel that this step is right because it give the required final result. Now take an example – whenever we invest in crypto-currency or in trading you analyze and think about it. After analyze we take the decision and invest in it.

You life and future depends on, path what you created. And the path what you made depends on your thinking. This is a deep thinking process. Positive people take decision after thinking and analyzing the situation. Where as a negative mind person take decision, such that decision beneficial for him.

Your steps and your thinking:-

Not only thinking is enough to get the success. After thinking and taking decision next step should be taken. This step is to execute your thinking. Without execution you can’t get new height of success. For any success execution and struggle is required. If you think without execution and struggle you get success. Then ready for fail.

You should change yourself with the current scenario, current demand in market. By taking an old theory and old process you may fail. You must be clever with changing time. A simple person considered as fool and any one make him fool. And simple person start blaming his fortune. So be clever, be demanding and change yourself with time.


Success and thinking are interrelated with each other. A positive mind creates a positive thinking. Positive thinking creates innovative. A good thinking gives the good results and high success chance. Execution in right direction is also necessary for desire result. Always make distance with a negative person. A negative person makes you negative. Career and future is yours, and decision should be yours. Understand the power of positive thinking.

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