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Hey there! Thanks for your love and support. In the last blog I discuss about where to start. This topic is very complicated mostly people leave this topic. They give the knowledge but forget to elaborate where to start. Without it all efforts are husk. We lose our time and efforts. After it second problem arise to find the potential customers.

searching customers
searching customers

Customers are the backbone of all business. To run a business properly potential customers are required.

Hey would like to ask a question. What do you mean by the customers? What you know about the customers? I know this is not today topic. But for the basic knowledge you must know about the customers. Right? There are many categories of customers like discount customers, look alike, loyal customers and so on. To know more click here.

Peoples on earth have ambition to survive a luxurious life. For spending this life people needs some product or service. So they purchase it from other people.  A person who bought these things is customer. it does not matter whether customer is finally consume item or further sell in retail.

Many philosopher talk about customers and considered as a king of market. All products are manufactured on the basis of customer’s needs and wants. Some marketers create demand in market anyhow but this type of demand is temporary and for some time in market. To know more about customers click here.

Let’s talk about the problem that we face in market i.e. find the customer? I want to ask a question, what you think while you bought some thing from market. Same situation considered while launching the product or marketing. There are some facts for finding potential customers. These factors like buying behavior, salary or financial condition, needs and wants, product quality and other customers reviews. Some program helps us to find out the contacts and other details of customers. We have to collect different information about customers. Than target these customers and find the selected potential customers. A higher reflected chance that these customers bought the product. For selecting customers a R&D (research and development) program have to run properly.

Let’s talk about all factors while targeting customers ….

Using suitable software:- For targeting the potential customers we have required some details like contact number or email id. This is because to send the proposal to customer. There are some software and program available in market to collect the information. Some programs are getprospect, findthatleads, Snov.io, hubspot and marketo etc. The main work of these programs to fetch the details of customers from different platform. This platform can be social media platform, your tribe, channel and so on.

Polls and questioners:- Raising polls and making questioners on different topic helps to get the information and views about the products. Also get some other information about customers.

Different contest:- Different contest and recreation program increase the customers attractions. Contest and wining price helps to collect information. Some time you face the same situation. Right. You provide your information may be it is wrong or right. But you provide it.

Create tribe and community:- Your tribe or community is group of people having common vision or thinking. Here are many people, stranger for you. But become part of your community. They help you in marketing and getting review. Many of them become your customers.

Survey:- To know about your customers marketing survey is the oldest method. But it is good to know that, we directly connected with the customers. Get opinion directly from the customers. It is very expensive as it required a large quantity of man powers.

Market in demand:- Market and customers choices and demand also change day by day. Because change in the trend and fashion. Choosing or manufacturing the right product is necessary to survive market. Because product for the customers, by the customers.

Finding right customers is a very big deal. All time a group of people move around, they all are customers. To find the right and potential customers is just like finding needle from sea. But it is easy when the product is in the demand.

How to make customers make ready to buy:-

We do all essential work and preparation.  Now how to convince people to make a purchase. It is very large process. It may take few days, weeks or sometime months. For make ready customers we must use funnel. This funnel helps you to make customers ready to connect with you and ready for purchase. For funnel you follow these steps…..

  1. Content:- You should have suitable content, so that customers attract towards it and find our self in. feel this is for me. Content can be in the form of physical product or in the form of software or book. Reading content and using product create market.
  2. Attention:- After delivers product must follow up the customers and take feedback timely to improve product or content. Proper attention and nourishing customers create a bond.
  3. Trust:- The bond that create between customer, manufacture and products is trust. Trust on product, on provider encourages creating some advance changes beneficial for the customers.
  4. Transaction:- Trust helps to move one step ahead i.e. transaction. This is the position when the customers finally purchase the product and make the transaction.

You show how long this journey going on. This journey not stops at transaction. This is the beginning of journey. This process repeat again and again. When you stop taking action and proper attention you lose your customer. To know more about this funnel in detail click here.

Your benefits:-

  1. Knowledge of customers: – Many type of people are in our surrounding. They all are customers. When you perform marketing and try to know about customers you get vast information about customers. This helps you to know different level and variation about customers.
  2. Market knowledge: – If you are marketers than you have to knowledge about the market. What happen in market, what is the future of market and what is the demand in the market? You get all the knowledge about the market.
  3. Relate you with customers:- During finding your potential customers, you search a lot and get the information about the new customers. You get the information about their behavior, needs and demand. This helps you to create relationship with customers.
  4. Enhance your knowledge: – Searching customers and flame more about them enhance your knowledge. Because research conducted by you and search by you. Also this knowledge helps you in present and future to target customers. Changing in trends is a very big reason to survive or destroying from market. But if you continue make R&D, nobody kick out you from market. But your decision matters to survive in market and adopt the trend.


Finding customers is one of the important works to survive in market. Many companies try to find more and more information about the customers. They use different method and strategy to attract people and get information about them. They use lottery, opinion poll, different survey, discount coupon and other method to attract customers. This is because customer is the king of market or we say market maker. It is also true that marketing and strategy create the different image about a product in customers market. So stay tuned with customers.

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