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Ownership: weakness analysis

Hey there ! Failed in business, new entrepreneur, lost focus due to muted growth. Hey I am here to discuss with you by raising problems , what you face. Ownership one hand a beautiful dream but not everyone fulfills the condition of ownership. Not all owners complete their dreams. 

Hey, it’s me, an experienced entrepreneur of a company having more than 5 years experience. And I am damn sure this experience is very useful for you. Some changes change your whole life and ownership experience, and you become ready with a new energy. And this time you get success because you are ready for every challenge

Let’s start…….

Change yourself…

Everyone wants to change rules, regulations and norms  but not succeed. It is our tendency, we change all things as per our requirements but never think about changing ourselves. Hey friend! Yes you , you don’t get success until you change yourself. Changing yourself does not mean that you broke all your relationships with others. It means changing your living style, sight of view, and enhancing your confidence level. Give your 100% in all your work. And analyze changes, tremendous changes occur around you. Your all work completes with time. This is so because you change yourself. 

You change yourself and work to completely change our nature. A small effort encourages you and changes your ownership of life. This is your new birth . so you must enjoy your birthday with others. Remember changes not accepted in one day ,one week or a month. It takes a long time to change and maintain it.

Make a blueprint of your success……

How you analyze yourself and your path.are you on your right path or Are you applying reverse gear. This is checked when you have a full proof blueprint of your success. Also helps you to  join more people with you and your business. This blueprint guides you timely about what steps should be taken and how to perform work. 

When a child starts walking. How he starts, starts with holding hands and other things. And one day a child starts walking without any help. One day a child started running. This is so because at the initial stage a child takes help from other things. Same as your notes and blueprint work as your helping hand. 

Habits of writing all things…….

This habit takes time to grow as a habit. Because our mind does not accept changes specially related to physical work. Mind tries to stay in its comfort zone. So you should try to get out of your comfort zone. Ya friends you heard the right thing. I am saying that you should try to come out of your comfort zone.

 Writing notes ,minutes and other useful things is necessary. Our mind has a capacity and tendency to erase data from our mind. to remember for a long time it must be noted form so that any time is memorized any time or timely.

In our early school days, we made notebooks of different subjects. Why?  So that at the time of exam we memorize all things and pass exams. Same as my friend, your decision is treated as an exam. What you analyze from the past shows in your decision. All business runs on facts and figures.Don’t depend 100% on others, may take Information or knowledge about the business timely. This boosts your working capacity and knowledge to more and more about the business. Your small steps change your whole work and working idea. You take the right decision and change any decision timely according to business.

Go with time ………

Changes occur in the market timely. Trends change after some time. A business who changes with trends stands

boost your business
ownership: boost your business

in the market. Going with the market means increasing the possibilities of your success. This is the time of technology. At this time if any one deals with simple mobile phones instead of smart phones at a high rate. What do you think about business growth? Today smartphones are available at the lowest price. Changes in business and technology must be accepted by any business. Most of the work at all manufacturing units has become automated. This was all done in a very short time period. Think about the manufacturing of mobile phones and computers. What happens if we start making and assembling manually or by hand. In how it is done by hand. And what about automated machines? So proper growth of business goes with technology.

Ownership does not run easily. It needs some time and attention. Lack of proper guidance finished your business.

Why do some people choose ownership? Behind this there are some pros and cons.

Pros…. What you feel.

Proper space in the family…..

Proper timing necessary for family, friends and co-workers. This strengthens your relationship. And encourage you to work freely and mind free.your family support energized you and your performance increased timely.

You work for yourself and others work for you…..

Everyone has two hands and 24 hours. We can do some specific work in a specific time interval. But ownership my friends, multiply your hands and time. This time you work for yourself so you give your 100%. Now analyze your staff, invest 4 hours honestly out of 8 hours of working. It means a staff of 10 people, working daily  for you. Then they work for you 40 hours honestly. Now calculate yourself how much you get daily at a minimum cost of 100 Rs per hour.

Help others …..

You provide work to others. You help them in earning and run their family smoothly. you become one of the sources of income. Such help gives physical support to your business. And financial support to co-workers. How nice is it?

Cons……. What do you face?

Never include your family members in your business…….

If you include your family members in your business, you will fall down day by day. This is because it requires a lot of attention and proper holding. What if your family members are in business? You can’t hold them; this creates a gap and creates a problem. So must be sure of your family members or neighbors aside from your business.

Lack of time…..

Sometimes business expands so much and you don’t arrange time for your family. This creates a generation gap and gap between you and your family. This can’t be avoided, it is true. A lot of work and process takes your time, so how to manage them.

Lost many things ……..

Sometimes business creates liabilities. These liabilities stop the owner from growing. This does so due to lack of proper mapping.  Some owners lost their whole property for their business. Sometimes some decisions also affect your business. And you start losing. At this time you should stop for a while and take a rest. Then restart again.

Changes in market……..

Market demand and fashion change timely. Sometimes tremendous changes are noticed in the market. Before taking steps, the market suddenly changes. These tremendous changes dissolve many businesses and ownership in the market.

 These are a few things that I want to discuss with you, my friends. These tips help you to grow your business. I hope this article escapes  owners to dissolve in the market.     

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