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Hi there, you are sitting in front of me, do you know about yourself ? This is the most common question that is by everyone. This not your condition, it is also mine. Before digital marketing, I am confusing about myself. What I want? What is my need? Is everything going OK? Sometimes you also face this type of situation. To overcome from this type of situation, this blog helps you. You have to analyze yourself and pass through it by systematic way. This helps you to find “you” who is lost somewhere.

What learn in school and college?

You know in our early days (school and college), teachers tells about struggle. How they face problems and whole journey. They expect us to work hard and get a bright career. But actually it did? Some of us got such career but what about most of us? Nothing… here I am discuss such situation and what to do? how to do? Because I am here, one of the student.

  1. Teacher’s expectations:

    Mostly teachers think that all the students working well. All students perform well. They understand all things and learn it properly. Students got good marks.

  1. Learning attitude:

    Class students are good in learning. They learn all content on time and well. Teacher gives the priority of their own subjects, force students to learn that and this. How much student have work they don’t understand. This criticizes student, start diverting from learning facts.

  1. Grade and classification:

    In school and college time student are divided in different grades and categories. The categories like this student are brilliant and this one is like that and so on. This grading creates a gap between teachers and student.

  • What parents expect?

In this role parents are also include. They expect my child is superior to other and intelligent. All parents expecting that my child achieve good marks in study and sports as comparing with neighbor and other family members children’s.  As I am teacher and tutor. One of the child in class 10th pressurize by parents to study and study and study. You know why? Because his uncle child is on reputed place. They think, my child also can do this. Below are the some qualities that all parents and teachers expect from children.

  1. Talented child
  2. Superior in study
  3. Perform all work
  4. Intelligent than neighbor and relatives children 
  • What you want?

As a student whether in school or in degree college, what are you ambitions? What you want and your need? Think about it ! I am remember when I am in school teachers said “beta padh lo 12th k bad moj hai”. After schooling and entering college “beta padh lo job nahi milegi” and so on. In this struggle we lost ourselves somewhere. Are you thinking really this? There are some important points that we require—– these are not all but basic.

  1. Study and fun
  2. Time to understand things
  3. No unwanted pressure
  4. No comparison
  • What you do? –

An indirect pressure molds the student and the student goes in depression. We do nothing by ourselves; we take all action as per parents and teachers. I talk like that does not mean, you disobey your parents and teachers. Its direct means that you should talk to your parents and teachers that how much sufficient for you, for that day, let them know about you. Under pressure we do following things—

  1. Work as per parents and teachers
  2. No time to relax
  3. Can’t understand situation
  4. Caught wrong way
  • How to overcome?

Pressure is creating on mind. This creates the wrong values and wrong thinking and direction. So we must take these following steps to overcome from the situation—-. Read them and understand properly.

  1. Taking rest and gap for a short time
  2. Take right decision
  3. Choose correct niche
  4. Discussion with others
  5. Go with market
  • Next steps?

These are those steps that you should take. So that you got the right direction, at right time. Don’t think about others opinion and judging capability. Because any one judge you from lower than him. They have capabilities to judge at own level, but what about those, who are beyond these judging people. So get set ready to take a limitless fly…… but before that think about the below topics. I am not discuss about any of them, because it is your perception, how you think about below and above topics.

  1. Take right steps
  2. Don’t think about others
  3. Be confident, professional and practical 
strategy-know yourself
strategy-know yourself
  • Success:  Work as per own decision, because if you fail that is your decision. You never blame others for it. It is also true, if decision is your, you work hard, as per your requirement and interest. This is the first step of success.
  • How I overcome from this situation?

Hey myself Vikash born on 12/11/1991. I started my education at right time i.e. age of 5 year. From beginning I am comes under top 5 student. Position fluctuates timely.

I complete my metric in 2006 with science stream. Intermediate in year 2008. Now my journey is started “Journey of pressure”. After completing intermediate, I was started searching jobs.

But it’s my fortune, the study moves continue. I choose b.com in graduation. And start struggling for work. B.com it is out of mind for me because my mind is technical.

This is the wrong decision that was taken by me. That decreases my value and affects my fluency of work. I move forward by taking subject as burden inside me.

Well, graduation is complete.

After it I took admission in M.B.A. This is another wrong decision because account is out of my mind. But other subjects are clear.

After completing master degree, I worked as marketers. I have 3 year experience, but I felt something is missing. I worked hard but no satisfaction is lost somewhere.

In November 2020 I heard about digital marketing. I take small research on it .I analyze the result and felt that this is the field that I want.

After some searching I found Digital Deepak and join the course. Now I became a digital marketer. I know much about digital marketing. Now I am satisfied with it.

This is the whole journey in short.

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