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ethics and values

Ethics and Values in Digital Marketing


Hey there! After getting knowledge and during running a digital marketing business or other business, we must follow rule and regulation. These rule and regulation helps us to achieve a new level and create faith among customers. Co-relate with our potential customers. These rule and regulation are ethics and values in common language. Understanding them and follow them is necessary for business. Let’s discuss in detail……

ethics and values

What are the values in digital marketing?

What content we give to our customers? Is the content or product right for customer? Really this product is required for him? There are so many such questions that set the values for the manufacturer or producer. We must provide the right and required content. Extra and unwanted content diverts mind and create confusion. This is the one of the site of ethics and values.

So firstly understand the content and its necessity for the customers and then propose for it. You can make fool only one time and make profit by unethical way. But your good works make a long lasting relationship with customer.

You see many loyal customers who trust on a particular product. To change their priority you have to come out from comfort zone and make customers understand about your product or content. Your effort may change their mind set. This is the value what you give to your customers.

What is the ethics in digital marketing?

Ethics is very common word that we heard from teachers, parents and our senior. Ethics refers as the rule and regulation that we must follow in day to day life. Every industries or any work follow some rule and regulation. We have to work according to it. These rule and regulation protect customers from fraud, misbehavior, and protect their rights against service provider. Value shows the importance and requirement  in industries. For proper growth following ethics and value are important.

Service provider also follows these rule and regulation. Whenever we go outside we search for best for yourself. Same situation applied on the customers. They come to you because they think you give them best.

Let’s understand by taking an example…….

Any customers come to you for purchasing any electrical item. Let it is a fan. He wants the best. It is our responsibility to give the best fan under his budget. Solve the grievance whenever he faces the problem. Suppose at that time you sell a dump quality fan. What happen? Customers create a distance from you and discuss other about your shop. Your one wrong step destroys your goodwill. So be careful for your customers.

What are the role of ethics and values?

Ethics and values play a very important role not only in business but our day to day life. There are few points as follows….

Run business smoothly:-

Most of the businessman wants to run business smoothly. Its means to run business without any conspiracy, any hurdle and solve grievances as soon as possible. This increases the faith of customers and start business smoothly. Less number of grievance mean more focus on business and its ideas. It is not possible to have zero number of grievances. But it could be less, think good every thing going good.

Your management and working ability also affects the business. Code of conduction and you staff should be well maintain. Your preference to customers starts booming your business.

Make customers relevant:-

All the business depends on customers and their demand, marketing strategy and the services after sale we provided. All these steps connect us our customers; create a relationship and faith customers and service provider. If you want to create a wide group you should be familiar with other. Others mean with the customers, neighbor and near and peer.  Good and appropriate environments create our surrounding. Healthy minds survive in healthy environment.

Remove controversy:-

All process i.e. up to sale and after sale going good. Your services are awesome and make customers understand well. It removes most of controversy for the future. This is because we use and works as what the value and ethics says. You hear about it if you want to become success, follow your rule.

What are the benefits of following ethics and value?

Newton’s third law “there is equal and opposite reaction of every action”. This is also true in our day to day life and business. After taking action according to norms it reflects on our business and customers. Following are the points….

Create good relationship: – you listen from your elders “yadi jade (root) majboot hain to paed (tree) ko kuch nahi ho sakta, imarat hil nahi sakti”. Now considered rule as root and work as building. Result is your full satisfied customers. A good relationship is started when you come forward and sale your content. Nourishing your customers and solve their grievances. And good relationship runs for long time.

Increase business and area: – A faithful relation helps in increasing business and area for conducting operations. Huge amount and quantity of customers increase with increasing the area of conduction.

Create believes: – To start a business we must create believes on customers and customers to us. This strengthens our relationship and believes. This believes moves towards transactions. For every business local or international trusting to each other plays an important role.

What effects does value and ethics shows on business?

Combination of demand and supply: – we analyze any product at any level by getting the information about the demand in market and supply in the market.  Also demand and supply responsible for increasing the rate of any product. Tide washing powder is suitable example of it. In the initial stage the price and quality of tide is good, as demand increases it covers a lot of area. Now a huge increment in price. Its increasing speed is low.

Happy customers: – customers are become happy and active. They feel free with you and your content concept. They help you in creating new ideas and innovation. Your product demanded more and more when it is designed as what the customers want. This is the secret things, if you works positively, you don’t need to search customers, customers searches you. This is because you works by right way, and your positive thinking towards works and customers.

happy customers: values
happy customers

Staff and management: – well trained staff and management is backbone of any business. It is firm responsibility to take care of him and tries to minimize their problem and grievances. This is only done when we work under norms. Our staff and customers both are happy with it.


From above discussion we analyze that when we work under rule and regulation follow norms. All the staff, management and customers are happy. This increase the demand and supply and profit of firm. A happy and well managed staff helps the business to touch new level of business. This is only the game of positive thinking, your dedication towards your work. So follow ethics and values as it works you and your business as shield.

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