how digital marketing works

What are the rule for digital marketing?

What is marketing?

Marketing is a bridge that’s works to join the customers with products. Let the customers know about the all qualities and properties about it. Marketing also help customers to know the changes occurs in market. All the method by we get the information about the good/service is comes under marketing. There are some digital marketing rule. Which are discussed below.

  • For what is marketing?

Marketing is used to make a good understanding among people regarding the required product or goods. Also get the customers opinion on a product or service. On the other hand marketing help in research and development.

Like – fair and lovely analyze that the fairness becomes enough. They move one step forward and change the name called glow and lovely.

Marketing is not only for the increase the demand or introduce the product. Other face marketing, it gives the information about different event happening around us.

Why marketing?

Marketing gives us the quick information about the changes occurs around us. For example – “Elon Musk, he becomes the richest person in the world. He introduces the term Tesla in cars, space-x or so on. This all information we get. How? This is just because of media, marketing and digitization. To get the quick response and information marketing is necessary. It does not stop here. Marketing is very vast itself.

What is digital marketing?

When the whole process of marketing moves forward by digital method, is digital marketing .To get instant knowledge and information digital marketing is use. It minimize the time of interaction. DM is not such that, you have a magical stick and you rotate it, and it comes to you. Marketing is a proper process that runs in a systematic way.

If someone is say like that you do this and that and you become the digital marketer. This is wrong path of marketing. For proper marketing you have to take some steps. These steps are worked as digital marketing rule. Few are mention below.

  1. Healthy mind and body: –

From day we start learning and study. We listen from many people “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise”.  This is one part; other part is what we have to do become healthy.  Most popular term is yoga. It is true; most of the people do yoga daily. Yoga covers the whole part of body and help in increasing stamina. Rather than it dance and sports are also use to become healthy.

  1. Selecting niche: –

Want to become a successful person? Then select one field as niche. That gives you a proper direction and field. The sharps your knowledge and gives you perfection in a direction.

  1. Proper lifestyle: –

Good lifestyle enhances thinking power of people. Better lifestyle increase the value and image among societies and people. Lifestyle includes what you wear? How to walk and talk? Relationship with other people. A good group of people helps in developing the different area.

  1. Research and development: –

For proper marketing or becomes a good digital marketer, want to do research. Without research it is just like that you burn your money into a bonfire. You have limited source of money and want to do really in life, perform R&D. Research sharpen you and give you an idea about the potential customers. Develop that strategy that enhance your knowledge and way of research.

  1. Be focused: –

Always focused on work and analyze time to time. Be positive related the result and your work. Some time you fail, some time you win. That affects you, so prepare for all to it. Thomas Alva Edison example is old regarding to failure. Take a new example- A person who is a digital marketer make 54 website in which 51 websites fails. But only 1 website makes him famous. He purchases digital Art. He is one of the Bit-coin billionaire and a south Indian. Any one guesses the name of that guy? This is for you. At the last I gives you answer.

  1. Understand customers: –

In my all blog I discuss about customer at least one time. This is because without customer market does not exist. Because any perform marketing, for whom? Obviously, for customers. If we cannot understand the customers, their need and demand, than the product or service lost the value and no demand create for that product.

How much it is superior?

Marketing is divided mainly two parts- digital marketing and traditional marketing.

Digital marketing is superior to the traditional marketing. Traditional method of marketing covers little population at a time. Whereas the digital method covers the whole world at a time.

In traditional method a chance of lack of information and changes in information time to time, place to place. Whereas digital marketing provide the information to at a time.

Right way to perform digital marketing:

  • Apply CATT: – I learned word CATT in the class of digital Deepak (ranked 1 in India), digital marketer. This word contains the whole basic term of digital marketing. By making /writing content attract customers. That is “C”. Understand that leads and gives proper attention towards them that is “A”. Create trust among the leads (people) on you. This creates a strong relation between you and your lead. That is one “T”. The last “T” says that when trust is creating then you can make them understand, how you are beneficial for him/her. This makes a transaction of goods and services.
  • Understand fact and figure: – It means R&D. Without it you face lose of money and time. As we discuss above nothing will happen in absence of R&D. One thing will happen that is loss. For practice reason you use small amount. I suggest for that amount you do small R&D.

Where digital marketing exist?

  • Business:-

No doubt digital marketing work as weapon for all business and industries. To promote the product, changes in the policy, or changes in the market digital marketing is use to engage with customers. Digital marketing helps in increasing demand, customer’s value and decreasing the conflicts. Today customers know about their right, just due to digital marketing.

  • Awareness: –

Digital marketing is also use for making awareness among people. Awareness for health, rights, information and changes in the market. Like I got the mail regarding “MANN KI BAAT by PM” I am not subscribe for it but I got the notification.

  • Career: –

Future time is totally based on digital interface. Future for the digital is very bright. Now a day’s all thing becomes online. Government process, all industries small and big and so on. Leave them all, just look around. You get the information, you hold the device. I am not say about anything, analyze own.

  • Information and technology: –

For broadcast, content creating, ads, spread information, online class and so on digital marketer perform all work this is very small. If go to deep it becomes very vast.

What people think about digital marketing?

People views on digital marketing:-It creates a good image. Like as a customer’s I got all things at home at relevant price. No need for negotiation, no worried about the originality, replacement policy. All these things create a high value image of online market. But some people take it in wrong direction.


Digital market creates a different impact on peoples mind. It makes peoples life easy. Also let people know that what are right and god for them. It boosts the economy by increasing trade and creating demand of products. As a career for new bees it is a good platform. Must follow digital marketing rule. R&D is a part of it. Remember without R&D digital marketing is nothing.

I hope this blog is helpful for you.

What you think about digital marketing?

Answer of above question ……..Meta Kovan

Don’t waste your time and money. Follow digital marketing rule. This gives you perfection.

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