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Hey! do you want to grow up your business?Do you want to spread your business world wide?Are you want to really know about customer and marketing?

If yes, here you are on the right platform. But before move towards the growing section, you should know about your customer. By the unseen bond customer and marketing are connected. Let’s know about some facts……


Any person who buys your product is your customer. Your customer may be in the form of final consumer, firm or a businessman.

A person, who bought your product and use it, is consumer. Where as a businessman purchase your product and change it or mold it in final product. This product finally consumed by the customer. A businessman bought the product for final conversion is also an customer, as he bought the raw material from other manufacturer or supplier.

Just like car manufacturing company. All the parts collected from different company and assembled at one place.

“A person who bought any product or services for any purpose, is customer.”

In our surrounding every one is customer. Think, what happen if only one person manufacture all the things? It affect the whole system of production, quality and quantity. There is no competition in market. customer demand not fulfill.

How many different types of customers?


Types of customers

  1. Loyal Customers:-

    These type of customers are concentrated on a single type of product. There preference are never change. They are strongly determined and faith on that product. Example:- someone use a soap like “Dettol” ,they never use its alternate. Dettol create faith and image on customer mind. This all is done only by the ads.
  2. Impulsive Customers:-

    This type of customers make the quick decision to buy something without predetermination. They not take any time and take quick decision about the product. I remembered , I bought an electric toy car without taking time. Some time you are also become impulsive customer when something you like.
  3. Discount  Customers:-

    These type of customer are looks for the discount offer. They make purchase when discount is allowed. These type of customers never bought goods at its full price. Just like pizza, buy 1 get 1 free. 30%of any saree or other suiting and shirting, are the few examples.
  4. New Customer:- Such type of customers are new for you and bought recently any good from you. They analyse and compare with others.

  5. Potential Customers:-

    Potential customers are the very beginning ,who comes in your funnel in starting. Marketers needs to give proper attention, nurturing and warming up these customers before decision making.
  •   Key factors that effect the buying decision of customers
  1. Price:-
    Price of product effect its demand. If these product quality is good and price are less, it comes under everyone pocket. That increase demand in the market.
  2. Product :-
    Product type, its quality and quantity effect the demand of the product. A good quality product survive for long time in the market. It also create the demand.
  3. Age and Sex:-
    Customers age and sex affect the demand. Some market are divided on the basis of age and sex. Like when you are going to purchase clothes for kids , salesman ask for girls or boys then ask for age.
  4. Availability:-
    How frequently a product repeat and available in market. Proper availability of any product help in struggling in market and set the image in customers mind. Like Nokia move away as supply become break down and not accept the changing trends. 
  5. Customer mindset:-
    If a customer is loyal with any product he never change. This is because the image of that product set in customers mind due to quality and its benefits. Like fair and lovely.

How to find Potential Customer- MARKETING

To identify the potential customers marketing and research plays an important role. how ?

  • Marketing Process:-

    Marketing is done before the product release in the market. This process helps to create an image in customers mind. It create suspense in mind about the product. And give the brief knowledge about the product. Marketing runs after launching product with selling the product .

Main motive of marketing is to educate the people and make space for the product in market. With marketing research also take place. Under research the opinion are takes from the customers and ask for their requirement and demand. On the basis of research product is released in the market.

Marketing is not done from current days. It takes from ancient times. Now the form of marketing changed day by day. There are two different way in which marketing takes place.

Both methods are use for marketing. Further they are divide in different way/type. Now we are going to discuss about it.

Traditional Method:-

Traditional Method is applied from ancient time. Door to door marketing ,road side campaign, mouth marketing and so on comes under it.

  • Door to door marketing: –
    Marketing team and associate people together perform this type of marketing. Marketers go door to door and take opinion about the products. This also used for introducing a new product and inform the customers about the product. But this method has limitation and may be possible to collect biased data.
  • Road side campaign: –
    Road side campaign method used to attract the attention of anonymous people. It also used introduced the new product in the market. Sometime to elaborate the quality, goodness of the product this campaign is very useful. The only drawback is that many people neglect this type of campaign.
  • Print media: –
    This method is use now days at vast level. To introduce the new product company make ads in newspaper or in magazines. Or attach a pamphlet with newspaper so the people know about the product. But it is far away from many people.

Digital marketing: –

New era marketing method is digital marketing. It covers many area and people because it covers the social media platform different ads; email marketing, SEO, SEM and so on. But for this must be concentrated on potential customers. These methods are more result oriented and cover a lot of population.

digital marketing tools and process
digital marketing tools and process
  • Ads: –
    The most powerful method of marketing, it create image on customers mind. it also give the information introduce customers quickly. Because most of the people connected with each-other through social media and watch TV or other media for entertainment.
  • Email marketing:-
    One of the advance method of marketing that attack directly potential customers. Whenever we check email we get some other massage from different platform. We think we did not share any information then how we get email from that company. Actually different organizations collect the email id or other information from different server. And then send us email.
  • SEO:-
    This related with the searching content over internet. Search engine optimization (SEO) means whenever any person search for relevant data how our website react with this data. How effetely search engine optimize this data.
  • SEM:-
    Search engine management to manage search engine such that whenever anyone search the data, search engine optimize the data and manage it and give the relevant information.
  • Text and Video ads: –
    You show some text on the wall or running video constantly outside any shop or company. It reflects again and again and attracts people. It becomes eye catching due to its light effect and presentation.

All these method are paid method but create quick impression on customers mind. All these methods are result oriented and give result quickly.

How Marketing and Customer are related 

Marketing is process which comes into existence for the customers. The main motive to introduce the product through any medium. On the basis of research the new product is introduce in market. We get the information about changes by the marketing.

Marketing is nothing; it is only a method of advertising the goods and services through different medium. It depends upon the customers and customers demand. Mostly marketing deviate customers mind from one product to another product which is replaceable.

what are the steps to find out potential customer and marketing effects:

There are different methods to find out the customer avatar. These methods are taking polls, by filling forms, inviting them to take participate in different competition.

  • Taking polls: Taking polls is work like a weapon, company get the information which type of product they were demanded. What will be the quality of that product? Is the product is runs in the market or not?
  • Filling form: By filling form company get the email ids there contact number and other information. That further helps to targeting that customer.
  • Different activities: Different activities, competition or through campaign the company get the all necessary data from the people. This data is much enough to target the customer.

 From the gather data, company short out the top targeted customers as per their preferences and detail. And they find their targeted customer avatar.

digital marketing tools
digital marketing tools

There are different methods are available to target the customers. Different company use different medium to target the customers. Marketing and its different tools are plays important role to target the customers. Customer is the king of market. All things are happen as per the customers but the marketing is a type of weapon that diverts the customer minds by using different methods of advertisement. Customer and Marketing are two different words. They have related with each other. So before the launching new product understand customers requirements.

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