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digital marketing and data science

Career- Digital Marketing vs Data Science

Career- Digital Marketing V/S Data Science Marketing is an art of selling and spreading knowledge about the product by best possible way. Marketing is the process of exploring, creating and delivering the values to meet the needs of targeted market. Under marketing the whole market is divided in various parts this is called market segmentation. …

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boost your business


CHANGE YOURSELF, CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS Hey there ! Failed in business, new entrepreneur, lost focus due to muted growth. Hey I am here to discuss with you by raising problems , what you face. Ownership one hand a beautiful dream but not everyone fulfills the condition of ownership. Not all owners complete their dreams.  Hey, …

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digital marketing parts

What are the Component of digital marketing?

Component of Digital Marketing Hi there! today we are going to discuss about component of digital marketing in detail. lets starts……… Digital marketing is simply marketing as we done before. But a little bit difference is that, digital marketing perform by taking support of other technical equipment and technology. Most importantly, knowledge and practice is …

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