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Career- Digital Marketing vs Data Science

Career- Digital Marketing V/S Data Science

Marketing is an art of selling and spreading knowledge about the product by best possible way. Marketing is the process of exploring, creating and delivering the values to meet the needs of targeted market. Under marketing the whole market is divided in various parts this is called market segmentation. This segmentation is based on size, age, gender, demographic structure and so on.

Marketing have two parts. In other words we say marketing can be performing two ways- traditional marketing and digital marketing.

If we talk about the trends- now a day digital marketing and data science are in run in current scenario. Moving with trends is a wise decision. But here are two options in trends which one we have to select. Decision depends on your niche selection. Every business from tea shop to largest industries, everywhere digital marketing used. Lets we discussed about both of them in detail.

Digital marketing

evolution digital marketing
digital marketing before, now & future ;source- digital trainee

Digital marketing is a part of digital marketing that performs all the work of marketing. But the difference is that we perform digital marketing with the help of using some tools, design, graphics, images using internet. Digital marketing is a way to perform advertisement, introduce a new product among people. This is not stops here, it also use for branding. To share thoughts, views, knowledge and other sharable things with the world in very short time, we use digital marketing. Most of the people use many free apps, tools or play free game. Some time you see some ads about the product or other things. These are shown with the help of digital marketing. After proper preparation all detail is uploaded over the internet.

Digital marketing itself complete combination of many parts. Each parts itself very vast. Each part is necessary and use for digital marketing. Absence of any of the parts digital marketing cannot be complete. If we talk about the different parts of digital marketing they are use for getting information using some tools. Some of them are use to send email. Writing content is main part of digital marketing. Image formation, graphic designing and so on are the different part of digital marketing. Below are the details of parts of digital marketing.

Content writing – this is the basic of digital marketing. Anyone who knows about digital marketing and work in it must knowledge about writing content. Later you can drop it or continue with it. For content writing you have to get more knowledge. You have to develop learning attitude. By reading other peoples content and different books, you got lot of knowledge. This knowledge enhances you writing skill. Content writing is also used for other parts of digital marketing.

E-mail marketing– it is also a part of digital marketing. Under email marketing we get email id of different people from different source. For getting email id’s different tools are used. These tools get the email id’s from social media, websites and other digital media. These tools also verify email ID’s. Collecting these ID’s and starts working on it.

Social media marketing– Ads or information deliver on different social sites is called social media marketing. This information is in the form of image, text or other format. You see many time different ads on social media and you like them.

Web designing- A good interface of your website and lightness is very important. Your website opens frequently without wasting time, when your website is light. Web designing is part of digital marketing. Here different digital marketer, who perform the digital marketing hire web designer. Web designer design website using coding, this can be done by using other tools.

SEM-it is basic of all digital marketing. Actually it is the basic of all algorithm of search engine. Google is one of the best search engines whose market caption is more than 85% worldwide. SEM stands for search engine management. Under SEM marketing digital marketer managed the content and tries to rank the content over search engine. Whenever the related content searched, where is your content ranked.

SEO – it is advanced level part of digital marketing. In this level digital marketer tries to understand the working algorithm of different search engine. But no one understands that at what algorithm does search engine is worked specially Google. This is because Google caption in market is more and more than other search engine market. Any who understand the working algorithm become the master in digital marketing.

Some other regular tools are used in digital marketing. They are not a part of digital marketing but used for it.

Microsoft MS office- For digital marketing you has basic knowledge of MS office.

Internet literacy– you have sufficient knowledge about using internet. Digital marketing work is totally based on internet. You have sufficient knowledge of all search engines like Google, Safari, Firefox opera and internet explorer so on.

Factor that affects your digital marketing profile

Communication skill– A better communication skill attracts people and force to accept your proposal. Your communication skills sometimes cover your bad things. It also shows you status of knowledge and how much you are devoted for your work.

Market & sales knowledge – Anyone who perform the marketing business have some knowledge about the market. What demanding now, what is in trends? Marketer must be knows all about it. Sales knowledge is necessary. Marketers have to sale knowledge sale content, sale his work. Marketers have capacity to sale anything. No depth knowledge is required. You have to required depth knowledge of digital marketing.

Future of digital marketing-

Future of digital marketing is very vast. In few years digital marketing industries is become million of million industries. Daily new jobs arrived here and you have to grab it.  You have potential to hold it. Here are some graphs that show the trends and future of digital marketing in today scenario.

 source-visual capitalist
future of digital marketing

Data science

Data science is all about holding, utilizing, and interpreting the stats & data. Use data as information and work on it. Deals with data, using it by using modern tools and collect the meaningful data that helps to take the decision in business and other area. Under data science data is collected by the scientific method, by following an algorithm and processed it. Convert and collect the data in actionable format. it is not an easy work for this anyone have to master any field. Collecting stats, graph and other information is processed by many other tools and ways. Digital marketing also play small role in collecting data. Data science member decides how to use it manipulate it.

data science
toward data science

The collected data may be in text format, coded format, image, graph or any other format. For data science it required a lot of technical knowledge and has some programming skill in some area. Here are the some fields where data scientist give their contribution and make our future bright.

Calculus and Mathematics- logarithm, antilog, limit, algebra and statistics are comes under it. For data science you have vast knowledge of it. Equation solving attitude moves you at high level.

Programming Language- designing software, mobile apps, creating website all are depends on programming language.  Python, SQL, C, Java, C++, FORTRAN and so on. To become a data scientist or choose data science as a profession you have to become master in any of the language.

Data, Database and its management – a good knowledge of data management is necessary for to maintain all data. Where the data use, where to store it, what is the purpose of recording data? Data management gives the answers of all these type questions. This all is done by fairly by data scientist. Data must be in visualization form, to show it someone. For data visualization, some tools are use like Tableau, Data Studio and Power BI

Cloud Services, cloud computing- till today date and in future all the data is save online and all work is held online. This facility of storing data and working online is cloud service. For this purpose many servers are use to store data. And all activity is control by the people who are known about data science and its working procedure.

Machine Learning, deep learning and web development- HTML, CSS, DJANGO and flask are some web developing language. While searching online or opening any page over the internet, is due to HTML or other web development programming. Machine learning is nothing; it is only the study to understand the machine or computer algorithm. It is a part of artificial intelligence because the machine learning updates itself as time pass and user experience data. For machine learning deep programming knowledge is not necessary. Only programming in starting and algorithm is drive in starting and after it A.I work itself, it is just like Google search engine.

Relation between data science and digital marketing

Data science and digital marketing are interconnecting each other not directly. But at some point they are depend on each other. For digital marketing, digital marketing use the data that stored online. Data store like the information about any topic, email, other contact detail and so on. People attract towards some product & provide their information online. That is store on cloud. The attraction and force people to provide their information is done by the digital marketer. And the data store on cloud.

data science future
-source-tech vidwan
Which is best for career digital marketing or data science?

Digital marketing and data science both are equivalent and in trends. Selecting one as a career is very big deal for any student. Digital marketing required a lot of attention and little more technical. On the other hand data scientist must be master in any one language. Student required deep technical knowledge. Mastery in any one is not a big deal, its gets by getting experience and facing problem. Selecting one of them is depends on your niche selection. What is your niche, in which area you are interested? These things also matter.

Both are good and interrelated with each other. Future of both is awesome. But there lines are different. In future holding data and attracting customers both are perform. Both are done by using digital marketing and data science. So don’t be confusing select one of the niche. Select any according to your interest. You give your 100% and get success.

Which one is “Superior”?

As per my view data science is superior to digital marketing. Suppose digital marketing does not exist, but data is update second by seconds. Holding them and utilize that data is done by the data scientist. But it does not mean that you choose data science. Choose any one of them according to your interest or niche. You see 3 idiots movie? No; watch it. Consider the condition of Farhan Qureshi in movie. After choosing right path, desire niche he got success. Same as you have to select your career as per your niche and interest.

data science demand in different area
data science demand in different area
data science demand in future
data science demand in future

Above mention graph is studied & estimated future demand of both of the area. The data source is from certified data collector. Both are trending and demanding equally and future is bright. So go with demand and trends. learning attitude and always motivated.

Best of luck for your future. 

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