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About Me

About Me
about me- Vikash Gupta

About Me                                                 Hey there ! Vikash Gupta from Baghpat, (Delhi NCR). I feel glad to know, you visit my about me page. Hey, I am an emerging, passionate and hard working digital marketer. I am recently enter in the world of digital marketing i.e. from Dec 2020.This page contains information about me.

Mostly, I write about customers and digital marketing in this blog. I write about customers, as marketing revolve around the customers. My first startup is writing blog on digital marketing and customers. Now these day i start write a book on digital marketing and its criteria. Which is more beneficial for the growing student in the field of digital marketing. I am launching digital course on digital marketing as soon as possible. These course are in the form of video and e-book. So Stay connected with me, new growing digital marketer. With more chances to give a different knowledge to you.

The Whole-Sole Story!

Sometime what we want to do and what we think doesn’t matter. fortune decide for us. We plan to do different but fortune plan to different. Plan different means do the different work by how? I had never think about digital marketing. Never consider that one day i am here write about my self, blog and other article. I am keen interested in computer science and learn about ads, designing and programming. But at that time i don’t know they all are comes under digital marketing. Hearing about digital marketing also an incident. I haired about digital marketing, when someone expires, who is digital marketer.

I was complete my study from well recognized govt. school i.e Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in 2008. After schooling i tried to join company, but that time not successful. In 2010 i joined college and choose commerce stream. Which is very tough as during schooling i choose science with computer. Suddenly every thing change. My father is bufferman in company, so lack of money always revolved around us. I start giving tutions .At last complete graduation in 2012.

After graduation complete M.B.A on the basis of scholarship from finance and marketing in 2014. After M.B.A  i worked as accountant and as teacher for last 4 year. Really i feel i lost something .

One day in last 2020 my brother and his friends talked about one of the friend who expires due to accident. At that time i haired about digital marketing. I searched for it and get the information about it. In Dec 2020 i joined india no. 1 digital marketer “Digital Deepak“. During learning period i learn many thing and i kicked out my job .

Now here i am in front of you as an independent digital marketer.

You read my whole life story , it means you have a fire to do something new. So don’t hesitate start with anything for life with burning flame. Definitely you get the success.

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